If you are faced with the Customer's misconduct during public procurement transactions, you have a legal opportunity to restore justice. However, this opportunity is not often translated into action. That is why, an issue as disputing public procurement conditions requires a detailed examination.

Disputing tendering results in a new way

The field of public auctions has undergone a series of changes within the last year. Enactment of a new law regulating tender legal relations, including disputing tendering results, became a significant event. The new law is called "About public procurements". The compliance with it has been mandatory for everybody since August 1, 2016.

Introduction of electronic procurement system ProZorro stood alongside these changes. Disputing tendering results has a direct relevance to the news. Indeed, you can submit your complaints to the Antimonopoly Committee only by means of an electronic system ProZorro and in an electronic format only. In addition, the complaints submitted in a paper form, regarding the auctions held through ProZorro, will not be subject to consideration.

Legal developments in 2016

With the new law enforcement, the auction participants will have first-hand knowledge of the following amendments:

1.       From now onward, the bids of the participants are available to absolutely everybody. It means that competitors can see each other’s bids. And the general public can follow the procurement procedure, too. ProZorro system completely justifies its name.

2.       With regard to paragraph one, the procedure of disputing tendering results has also changed. Now, any participant filing a complaint against their competitor, after having carefully studied the adversary’s documents, has to argue what exactly they consider to be a violation.

3.       Disputing tendering results often elicits no response from the Antimonopoly Committee due to the trivial failure to comply with the terms and conditions of the complaint filing procedure. The most common mistake, among others, is the lack of the receipt for payment of charges for disputing tendering results by the participant.

Why is it better to entrust disputing tendering results to professionals?

In the setting of Ukrainian business, not the lawyers but frontline employees of the companies, having little to do with jurisprudence, are engaged in dealing with tenders that leads to a failure in submitting an appeal of tendering results. The companies can’t afford to hire a specialist to perform such work. That is why the service of disputing tendering results on an outsourcing basis has become so popular. Thus, tender issues are controlled by the lawyer with a relevant experience, who is not a member of your staff.

Therewith, it should be noted that the lawyers of our company carry out a preliminary assessment of the appealability and only then will start providing the service.

Disputing tendering results: guarantee of success

Disputing electronic auction results is a procedure requiring excellent knowledge of laws, specific character of the business and legal literacy. The lawyers of our company are armed with all these qualities taken together. Contacting us, you will find a reliable partner for your business and a competent legal assistance.

Disputing tendering results in Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv and other cities of Ukraine


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