Tender participation is an excellent business opportunity. But in order to sign a cherished contract and to get a profitable order, thorough preparation is required before submitting the proposal. It is worth mentioning that a list of documents for tender participation is a key point of such preparation.

Tender is a contest, where the customer (private or public) informs of the goods or services required, and the suppliers (participants) compete to make a deal with the customer by means of submitting their offers. The one that makes the best offer will conclude a cooperation agreement with the customer.

Why are compliant documents so important for tender participation?

Tender related documents play one of the most important roles in the tendering process. If you ask why, the answer is that the result of the tender depends on how the documents are drawn up. The supplier will be immediately withdrawn from the tender when even the slightest mistakes are found in the documents or the documents have been executed incorrectly. Therefore preparation for the tender and competent execution of documents require high professionalism.

Execution of the participant's application

Tender related documents for the customer and the participant have their own peculiarities.

The customer will provide the following:

·         notice of invitation to tender;

·         article of tender;

·         requirements to participants;

·         selection criteria;

·         draft contract with a winner.

As a rule, the package of tender participation documents includes the following.

In a commercial part, the tender participation supplier provides the following:

·         company charter;

·         certificate of registration or extract;

·         guarantees of obligations performance;

·         certificates from public authorities about the admissibility to participate in procurements;

·         orders, certificates, licenses etc.

But the documents that are required for tender participation are not limited to a commercial factor. In addition to commercial documents, the potential performer of the order should support the "technical" part in order to be legal to participate:

·         supplier's proposal with indication of the product price and characteristics;

·         certificates for products;

·         goods/works compliance with the requirements of legislation and the customer.


Features of registration and participation in tenders

So, tender documents execution is a very complicated process that requires thoroughness, attentiveness and excellent legal knowledge. After all, improper execution of documents can nullify the participation in trading.

Tender documents execution also provides for certificates on the absence of previous convictions from the company's authorized person; certificates from the register of enterprises in the bankruptcy procedure; certificates from the tax authorities on the absence of debts and other certificates.

Assistance in tenders from the law firm "Legitimate Cause"

Participation in tenders is often disrupted due to failure to comply with timeframes, mistakes in the execution of a package of documents or incomplete set of documents. If you are planning to participate in tenders, we advise you to contact the professionals.

Legislation of Ukraine is constantly amended, therefore it is sometimes difficult to navigate in the abundance of normative legal acts. Having an extensive experience and constant practice, our specialists know exactly which documents are required for tender participation (Ukraine). The prices of our services correspond to the nature of our work. With regard to the tender documents preparation, the price is made up individually, depending on the urgency and amount of work to participate in the tender.

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