Do you want to strike a bargain? Are you willing to improve the image of your company? Do you want to take part in the tender and WIN it in fair competition? You are on the right track then! Law firm "Legitimate Cause" renders services of legal support for tenders in Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odesa and other cities of Ukraine.

Providing services of legal support for tenders on a turnkey basis includes drawing up an application for participation in a tender, consultations on trade related procedures and issues, analysis of the documents concerning the procurement procedure in question, legal support for participation in tenders and not only. We also hold training workshops for our clients in all cities of Ukraine.

What opportunities are opened up during participation in a public procurement procedure?

Tender is a form of the competitive selection of bids for rendering certain services or delivering goods. In fact, it is a bidding competition that can be held both by the government and commercial organizations.

Public procurements involve conclusion of agreements for state or municipal needs. Just a few years ago it wasn’t so easy to find and participate in public tendering. The procedure itself was notable for its high complexity because of legislation imperfection and the tendering results were, as a rule, predetermined. Today, the situation has changed and being a successful bidder is a real opportunity for businessmen to expand their business, break new ground and multiply profits.

So, why is it beneficial to take part in public procurements? It’s quite simple – the needs of the whole state are high and diverse. Concluding an agreement with a state institution, you will get only bulk supplying orders for big audiences. The range of goods and services that can represent a public procurement object, is very wide. That’s why everybody can find a suitable tender and compete for obtaining a profitable order.

Many experts adhere to the opinion that it is still quite difficult to take part in public tenders and it’s even more difficult to win them. It is a great delusion. If you have a legal professional at your disposal, your success in the bidding procedure is guaranteed. The experts on legal support for tenders working in our company have tested out that winning a public tender is a reality and not fiction.

Why is the service of legal support for tenders needed?

Legal support for tenders is a service aimed at ensuring the participation process for an enterprise in a tender. The main goal of the legal support for tenders is to create all the necessary conditions (at the legal level) so that the participating client could win a tender.

Legal support for tenders is of particular relevance if you:

·         do not have much experience or have never taken part in public tenders;

·         do not want to take the risk or muddle on;

·         do not want to misfire during an important tender.

Do you know that 90% of trading participants are not allowed to take part in a bidding process because of shortcomings in documentation or non-conforming bid?

If you are not an expert, you can make a mistake in your documents very easily. In this case, you can only rely on the service of legal support for tenders.

Legal support for tenders rendered by qualified lawyers will protect you from devastating mistakes which can have a negative impact on tendering results.

Competent tender support will greatly multiply your chances of success in public tenders.

What tender support services do we offer?

Tender support is the best way to win a state tender on honest, legal terms. We provide legal services for tender support both in a complex and for separate issues related to tenders. Complete tender support for procurements includes the followings services:

·         monitoring and search of the most advantageous customer;

·         preparing documents, drafting an application for participating in auction or tender;

·         legal advice for suppliers and purchasers;

·         successful conduct of cases at the Antimonopoly Committee and courts;

·         representation of interests in trading, on electronic trading platform, including Prozorro electronic trading platform;

·         ensuring the legality of the decision making process;

·         service of post-tender legal support for transactions.

Nowadays, tender support services include services of verification of the tender related documents; the Law of Ukraine "About public procurements" determines terms and conditions of the proposal submission process to participate in public tenders. The law includes certain requirements to the documents submitted. So, it is necessary to provide the followings groups of documents:

       •      documents confirming that the participant meets the qualification criteria;

·         documents eliminating the possibility to refuse the participant to take part in the tender;

·         documents that confirm the products compliance with technical and quality requirements.

There are nuances and "hidden dangers" in every group. Competent tender support is the service that allows not puzzling over a question: has the package of documents been correctly collected? Due to legal support of the tender specialist one can be sure that you will be admitted to auctions and selected by the customer.

Before ordering tender services, determine their volume. You can contact us to get an all-inclusive support comprised of the complete list of the foregoing services. Moreover, we can provide you with legal assistance to help you deal with specific tasks: in this case, you will receive legal services with a more narrow scope (documents verification, search of the best offers, filing a tender application etc.) rather than the complete tender support.

Why is it worth contacting our lawyers for tender support?

Our law firm provides tender support services (procurements support services). Law firm "Legitimate Cause" will provide you not just with one regular lawyer. You will receive an entire team of specialists from the firm's tender department with an impressive experience of participating in public tenders.

Taking advantage of "Tender Support" services provided by our law firm, you will:

·         multiply your chances to win the tender among other competitors;

·         save your time and money;

·         find confidence in the legality of decisions taken;

·         get assistance from professionals at any stage.

Our purpose is to provide you with government orders, which will develop and extend your business. Moreover, we guarantee the top quality of our services: no queues and long wait. If necessary, the specialist from the consulting law firm "Legitimate Cause" will come to your office in person to develop the best tender decisions and save your time.

You may contact our lawyers to get a consultation regarding participating in trading procedures. We will answer all the questions of your interest that deal with tender support.

To order the "turn key" tender support service, contact us via the phone indicated on the website. You may also order the analysis of the documents related to the trading procedure of interest that is one of the most popular services provided by our law firm.


How to win tenders? All you need is to take advantage of the tender support services provided by law firm "Legitimate Cause" .