Tax Consulting and Litigation

Tax consulting is relevant because tax law in Ukraine is frequently changing. One way or another, the process of implementation of economic activities in Ukraine is connected to permanent contacts with tax authorities. In the course of this interaction, conflicts often arise because of misuse of powers by the representatives of the tax authorities, and, as a consequence, there arise tax disputes, which can be resolved with the use of a tax consultant.

Liquidation of enterprises

Recently, liquidation of enterprises has become one of the most pressing issues, as debtors come in need of writing off the outstanding debt of their counterparties, which has not been paid for a long time, or even is beyond recovery; in these cases, bankruptcy of the enterprise seems to be the only way to recover the debt.

The current economic situation in the country and in the world forces many companies of different legal forms to deal with all sorts of issues in the field of corporate law. These issues range from optimization of the corporate structure to creation of a new organization to planning of follow-up activities to liquidation.

Economic Security

Because of the need to act in an imperfect legislation, of lack of qualified personnel, of poor equipment, of lack of working capital, as well as of a tight fiscal policy of the state, businesses are often faced with economic disputes, which often degenerate into civil and even criminal proceedings, which has a direct impact on the their economic security.

Our company participates in observance of the rights of creators and owners of intellectual property and actively develops in the directions of registration and complete support of trademarks (TM), industrial designs, inventions, utility models, copyright, and related rights.

Registration of companies with foreign investments

 Registration of companies with foreign investments

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Services for non-residents of Ukraine

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